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What I Ate Wednesday

Hello! Happy hump day! I hope this last week of January (!? how did that happen) is treating you well!

What I ate wednesday button

I get a lot of questions like “what do you eat?!” when people find out I’m vegan and have a few food sensitivities to popular foods (like gluten, avocado, banana and apples). So today I am linking up to Jenn and Co. to share a day of my eats! So sit back and get ready to feast your eyes (get it? ‘Cuz it’s food?) on this!

Breakfast – Plain Coconut-based yogurt with pepitas, chia seeds, walnuts and thawed mixed berries

Vegan yogurt and toppings

After this I had a mug of coffee with a splash of unsweetened almond milk. Unfortunately this didn’t fill me up for too long so between breakfast and lunch I had a snack of hummus with sesame crackers.

Sesame crackers and hummus

This kept me satiated for a while so I had a bit of a later lunch of Gluten Free pasta with marinara and veggies, topped with Hilary’s Original Veggie Bites.

Vegan Gluten Free Pasta Lunch

After this I was feeling the need for something a little sweet so I tried something new I found at Whole Foods: a mandarinquat. (A hybrid of a mandarin and a kumquat).


I have to tell you… it was GROSS. I peeled it and popped the whole thing at once. It was a sour-bitter combo with at least 12 seeds. I will not be eating the other one blech.

Hours later, when I had properly recovered from what is now called the Mandarinquat Disaster of 2016, I made dinner! I tried something I’d seen on pinterest: a quiche with a “crust” of just sweet potato slices! I had low expectations going into it but I have to say it was pretty awesome! The sweet potatoes don’t hold together super-well, but adds some extra veggie goodness and flavor which was really nice! I made mine with tofu and vegan smoked gouda style cheese and added chopped onions, chard and garlic. It was delicious!!

Sweet potato vegan tofu quiche

It turned out so creamy and with a tasty flavor! I ate about 2.5x more than the pic below 🙂

Vegan quiche with sweet potato "crust"

For dessert I had some Nighty Night herbal tea and a handful of Enjoy Life chocolate chips before I could remember to take a picture.

And that is my day of eats! It was pretty tasty. Except for that nasty mandarinquat. Blech.

I also drank lots of water throughout the day! I never photograph that (do you really need to see many pics of my boring water bottle?) but it is important to note! Drink up!

Have you tried a new food recently? How did it go?

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  1. Wait! Before you toss those, try eating it with the peel. I know that with kumquats, you eat the peel with the fruit since it’s sweet and the inside is sour. Maybe that was it? Either way, that pasta looks SO good!

    • coachphoebe says:

      Oh hmmm interesting thought! I peeled it because the peel was so thick, I figured it would be bitter like an orange. But I will have to try the other one now! Thanks!!

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