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Motivation Monday: How to Make Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To!

What’s with “Resolutions” anyway? We look back on the past year, decide what we want to change (usually physical appearance related), and we say we resolve to be “better”.

But what does that even mean?

Motivation Monday: How to make resolutions that will actually stick!

In 2016 I want to get in shape. In 2016 I want to find a boyfriend. In 2016 I want to clean up my diet and start exercising.

These are all goals well and good, but what does this resolution give you?

These types of resolutions have never worked for me, and are part of the reason year after year people don’t reach their goals.

So what’s the problem? The problem with these vague high-level resolutions is that there’s no specific action completed. No definite plan of how to get to where you want to be. In order to be able to fulfill a resolution, you’ve got to have a plan! Without any actionable steps, it is too easy to keep putting off your goals and just sort of let life happen, until the end of the year when you wonder where the time went and add the same resolution to your list for the coming year.

This year, I suggest doing it a little differently.

Want to lose weight? Great! Set an amount. Break that up by 12 months and you’ll have how much you want to lose per month (break that up by week and you’ll have weekly goals if that works better for you). Then think of how you can achieve it based on where you are at now. Need to go to the gym? Join one and pledge to go a certain amount of times a week. Need to eat better? Figure out how to add more veggies to each meal and pledge cook healthy meals at home a certain number of times per week. These are actionable and trackable steps you can take to get to your goal.

Want to meet new people? How will you do it? If your area has a local meetup.com community perhaps start there. Join a few groups and commit to going to one event a month. Or commit to saying “yes” to more invites you get from friends and coworkers. Or try group fitness classes or sign up for a social sports league!

Making these more specific tasks part of your goal can help keep you accountable and allows you to cross more things off your list, which always makes you feel like you’re being productive and accomplishing what you set out to do!

I hope this advice has energized you to reanalyze your goals for 2016. Let’s plan for this year to be your most successful year yet!!! I wish you nothing but the best as you reach for your dreams!!!


***I’d be remiss as a health coach if I didn’t note that helping people define and reach their goals is what I do best! If you need a little help or encouragement throughout the process please visit my Connect page and reach out! The initial consultation is FREE, and will shed light on how I can best support you!***

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  1. Linda Woodbury says:

    Great job Phoebe – I hope this all goes well for you. Lots of us need guidance and encouragement. You can be the cheerleader!!!

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