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11 Ways to Add Creativity Back Into Your Life

Hey Friends! I’ve got a fun topic for you today: Creativity!

Thinking of wellness holistically (i.e. making sure all parts of your life are full and satisfactory as opposed to just diet and fitness), there are several areas of life that you want to consider. And you guessed it, creativity is one of them!

Have you ever spent time at a blah job day in and day out and when you come home all you can do is eat dinner before you pass out? Or maybe watch some Netflix and then fall asleep on the couch only to wake up and have to do it all over again the next day?

I’ve felt like this in the past and I can tell you the moments I can remember clearly from that time were when I went to a creative event or created something and had fun with it! Letting your creativity and passion flow is a great way to relieve stress and has been shown to strengthen both your mental and physical health. It keeps you open-minded, helps you in problem-solving, and increases your positivity. Doesn’t that sound good?


How to Add Creativity Back In your Life

Whether you consider yourself a “creative person” or not, here are some fun ways to express yourself and get those positive vibes going!


11 Ways to Add Creativity Back Into Your Life


1. Adult coloring books: Adult coloring books are really big right now. With cool themes and pretty patterns, you can easily be swept up in creating something great. Coloring can be very meditative, so “working” in these books is stress relieving and you have some beautiful works as a result!



2. Pottery/Glass Blowing Class:  If you live in an area with a pottery or glass blowing studio this is something fun to try! Learning new skills opens pathways in your mind and keeps your brain sharper over the long run. Plus you’ll create something cool and have fun in the process!


3. Paint Night: This is quite popular in cities and there are Paint and Drink-specific studios opening all over the country! The idea is you go to a local bar or studio for a couple hours and a teacher leads you through how to paint a certain subject. You also get to drink an alcoholic beverage while in the process, which definitely helps get those creative juices flowing! This is a fun, social way to learn new skills and create a work of art to take home and enjoy!


creative cooking

4. Cooking or Baking: There is most definitely creativity involved in the kitchen! Creating new recipes or just mixing up old ones is a fun way to try new things and really experiment!


5. Sewing/Knitting/Crocheting: You do need some skills for this one, but there are lots of classes that you can take either in person or online if you want to learn! Taking on a craft project like these really tests your creativity and there is an amazing satisfaction you get when you’re holding your finished product in your hands! Always wanted to make a quilt, your own clothes, knit a scarf or sweater or a million other things you can sew, knit or crochet? Give it a try!


6. Writing: Writing is one of the easiest things that anyone can do. Get a pen and paper and just do it! Whether it be a story that is inside you, some thoughts you have to express in poetry, or just a personal journal to log what is going on in your life and what you are grateful for, writing is definitely a great way to let your creativity flow.



7. Redecorating your room or home: Ever get the urge to reorganize your furniture? This is a creative pursuit! Thinking about organizing, decluttering or styling your home in a new way is a great brain exercise. Wall colors, furniture, linens… putting it all together really is an art!


8. Make Music: Are you musically inclined? Learning or playing an instrument is a great creative energy outlet! If you have no musical skills, even creating a new playlist is a way to harness some creative energy.


9. Make a video: Have some photos and video from a recent vacation? Have a message to send someone? Create a video!



10. Photography: Like to take pictures? Want to learn how to use your new camera? Take a walk and snap away! Or take a class or watch some online videos to learn the ropes, then practice!


11: Play Games: There are so many board games and card games that encourage players to be creative to win! I consulted my board game guru who said while almost every game involves some sort of creativity, here are some notable ones to start with: Dixit, Codenames, Funglish, Aye, Dark Overlord, Apples to Apples, Taboo, and even Scrabble!


Whatever you do, make sure you let that creativity flow on a regular basis! Your health and happiness will thank you!

How do you get creative? I’m all about the cooking/baking. Although I do have some pretty rockin’ paintings from Paint Nite events!

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